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Wang Yi: Focusing on the Three Points to Solve the Syrian Issue for the Next Step

On June 18, 2019, when jointly meeting the press with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Walid Muallem of Syria in Beijing, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that various parties should focus on the following three points when looking at and dealing with the Syrian issue for the next step:

The first is to accelerate the process of political settlement. This is the inevitable way to achieve lasting peace and stability in Syria. On the basis of the existing achievements, various parties should actively and pragmatically promote inclusive political dialogue and strive to reach a solution that meets the national conditions of Syria and accommodates each other's legitimate concerns at an early date. In this process, the United Nations (UN) should play its role as the main channel of mediation and adhere to the principle of "Syrian-owned and Syrian-led".

The second is not to slacken efforts to fight against terrorism. There are still a large number of terrorists and extremists in the Idlib region, and the situation there still faces risks of recurrence. All parties should abandon geopolitical considerations, unify standards, strengthen coordination and resolutely crack down on terrorist organizations listed by the UN Security Council for the early realization of peace and tranquility in Syria and the region.

The third is to launch steady economic reconstruction. This is not only the urgent demand of the Syrian people but also the basis for Syria's sustainable development in the future. The international community needs to attach importance to and support Syria's reconstruction and help the Syrian people resume their normal life and production at an early date.

Wang Yi pointed out that China will always stand with the Syrian people and play a positive and constructive role in the process of resolving the Syrian issue.

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