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Wang Yi Talks About the Current Situation in Iran and the Gulf Region

On June 18, 2019, when jointly meeting the press in Beijing with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Walid Muallem of Syria, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave his opinions upon enquiry on the current Iranian nuclear issue and the situation in the Gulf region.

Wang Yi said that the current situation of the Iranian nuclear issue is tensing up, and the Chinese side is highly concerned about it. We call on all parties to work together for the alleviation of the Iranian nuclear issue and the situation in the Gulf region together, rather than allowing it to form a vicious cycle or even conflict.

First, firmly uphold the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear issue. Ensuring a full and effective implementation of the JCPOA is a decision made by the United Nations Security Council, and also the only realistic and effective way to solve the Iranian nuclear issue. It concerns the common interests of the international community. We understand that different parties hold different concerns, but the first thing is to implement the JCPOA well. Only under this prerequisite can other problems be solved properly.

Second, firmly maintain peace and stability in the Middle East. The Chinese side calls on all parties to exercise rationality and restraint, to refrain from taking any action that might escalate the situation and not to open the Pandora's box. In particular, the United States should change its maximum pressure campaign. Unilateralism finds no support in the international law and will only create bigger crises rather than solving problems.

Third, firmly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all parties. The International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed 15 times consecutively that the Iranian side has fulfilled its nuclear-related commitments under the JCPOA. And we hope that the Iranian side will make prudent decisions and not give up the JCPOA easily. Meanwhile, other parties should also earnestly respect the Iranian side's reasonable demands, and take positive measures to maintain the balance between rights and obligations under the JCPOA.

The Chinese side holds a firm and steady determination to uphold the JCPOA. As a practical move, we have had close coordination and cooperation with relevant parties recently in promoting the modification project of the Arak heavy-water reactor for new and important progress. We are willing to continue our efforts to implement the JCPOA comprehensively and effectively, and will firmly safeguard our own legitimate rights and interests at the same time.

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